Just a Golf cart? Not anymore

Well if you are a golfer, you are very much familiar with and love to use golf cart to speed up and ease up your round of golf. But what if you could enjoy the same facility at your local or international resorts, construction sites and any other place where the need arises. In the modern world time takes up the precedence, that’s why we got computers, lifts, superstores and much more to start with and all of them working for one goal, saving up time.

Good thing with golf carts is they are electric, positive towards environment and that they are customisable and seats as many seats can be added to make them suitable for the workplace they are being ordered to.

Places where you can easily find golf cart in use –


Now resorts are huge properties! While it’s fun to ride and arrive in a golf cart, it also shows class of the resort and helps in building a repo with the guests. Yamaha 6 seater golf cart is a perfect match for this kind of property, considering a resort has a four member family and luggage to transfer from entrance to lobby. 
Yamaha golf carts can be a fun way to give your guests a show in and around of the property, things which your employees have worked hard on to maintain

Residential Villas:

Yamaha 6 seater personal transportation vehicle at villas

Real Estate in the country is looking for restarting its growth and has got the interest of catching new buyers. Take them for a round on Yamaha Personal Transportation Vehicle (YamahaPTV) an experience that can make them deciding to buy or rent your place to stay. The residential areas are spread over acres and acres of land, divided into blocks, and having a 4 seater Yamaha golf cart will surely put a positive impression on your prospect clients and have them talk about the facilities you provided to them while on their visit with their friends.

Sports Field:

Yamaha 4 seater golfcart at Cricket ground ” Our Captain MS Dhoni driving the car”

We all know how time taking and unsafe It gets rushing around on foot at a sports arena. While it’s fun to have your exercise done, but if you are bound by time to complete your task, you are well-off being in a golf cart and riding it around in peace and complete not one but multiple tasks with a four or six seater golf cart. You can have multiple items picked up, get extra hands seated with you to your next stop and plan everything while on the way to it. Giving you ample time to think and execute your plans as per your need.


Yamaha 6 seater transportation vehicle at hospitals

Hospitals are a special place, and you need to be prepared to welcome your visitors in all conditions. The best thing to do is add a Yamaha golf cart at your premises to provide ease of access to the visitors and their family members alike.

It’s tough to find directions to wards and specialty doctors and a facility of a driver with your 6 seater golf cart will save the visitors a lot of time and energy which otherwise would have been wasted asking directions and other things. It can be your mini ambulance too, which can be used to transfer critical patients from your lobby to doctors directly.


Its tedious working in construction industry and with the stuff which is supposed to be carried on day to day basis, it’s not easy being a part of this industry. The work is tough and getting by it daily takes its toll. But to help you survive this pressure comes Yamaha Utility cart 4 seater with cargo box, specifically designed to carry materials effortlessly. Time saved Is always equivalent to an extra work done.

Spiritual Centres:

With the changes in people’s lifestyle and type of pressure jobspeople have started giving importance to spiritual healing too and the spiritual centres have been flourishing in recent times, not just in India but worldwide.

And what better way to have your visitors look around your beautiful set up to relax their minds and move freely to and fro from one class to another, using a Yamaha 4 or 6 seater cart, while working on different parts of their body.

Airports and Railway stations:

Making commute easy is what railways and flights do for a common man, but what if you could make it even more comfortable with the aid of Yamaha 4 and 6 seater carts?
Live examples are Delhi’s IGI airport and Old Delhi railway station, where you can see them with drivers to assist travelers in commuting to their respective departure gates and railway platforms. 
These are good not only for old commuters but families with heavy baggage.

Industries and IT Park:

IT Park and Industries are spread over 100 of acres of land with different offices and destinations depending on the visitor, worker or an employee. Walking all the way to offices in extreme climates is not something you wish your employees and visitors to go through. Yamaha has golf carts designed to meet this demand a 2+2 seater and 4+2 seater cart with cargo box always comes handy in transporting and storing extra material to assist your workers at industries.

Educational Institutions

With the advancement of transportation systems, more and more students and parents are moving cities to visit best of the best colleges to make their dreams come true. Yamaha’s envisions this journey and wishes to help them on their path to success and with 6 and 8 seater golf carts at colleges and other institutional campuses, it plays a small role in achieving their dreams and helps them move around and look at all aspects of the area where they plan to spend their three or four precious years of life.