6 Ways to Use Golf Carts Other than Golf

Golfcarts are a great alternate to transportation through conventional methods like walking, cycling, riding and driving especially when you are in-doors. You can’t possibly have vehicle emissions inside your office building, or a resort. Below given are a few applications that have been adapted in the past few years of the golf cart craze.

1. Community Golf Carts

Builders running construction and sales of newly built houses inside a gated society, managers of retirement villages, and ashrams all require transportation either for customers or to move people around inside these communities. Golfcarts (6 seater passenger vehicle) are a great solution to these and leave behind zero carbon footprint. These vehicles also find applications in police patrol inside these gated communities.

Community Golf Carts

2.  Resorts Golf Cart

Luxury Resorts span enormous plots of land, and thus, there is a need for golfcarts for the uses listed below

Resort Golf cart

  • Luggage Transportation
  • General transport of staff and guests
  • Maintenance of grounds and in-door property
  • Laundry pick-up and drop-off
  • Rentals to guests
  • Specialized Food and Beverage Vehicles

All these show the prudence of use golfcarts hold in the hotel and resorts industry.

3. In-Campus Vehicles at Corporate Campuses and IT Parks

These days, corporate campuses and IT parks are in dire need of some form of transportation owing to the strict meeting timings and importance the IT industry has gained over time. This demands frequent visits from dignitaries and liaison of partner IT companies, who need to chauffeured around the campus as a tour or to attend meetings in different parts of the same campus. Another use of these golfcarts can be to ferry resident employees of these campuses to and from the front gate of the campus.

In-Campus Vehicle

4. In-Campus Vehicles at Universities

University campuses these days have grown owing to the different buildings that each course demands. This growth brings in possibilities of more admissions into the universities, which brings in more applicants and their parents in search for the better university. With growing campuses and a need to visit all the facilities the universities provide to their children, parents can be chauffeured around in golf carts. At events, these universities can make use of specially designed custom made food and beverage units to sell food and beverages to the attendees.

Golf car at Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences Deemed University

5. Industrial Warehouse Commute

Warehouses that are small in size, can make good use of golf carts to carry staff around, go from one place to the other and pull stuff from the shelves. They can even help with re-stocking the warehouse shelves. And no licenses are necessary.

Golf cart at RK-Marbles

6. Electric Golf Cart at Airports

Airports tend to be huge. Lots of passengers with different backgrounds commute through airports. Airport management can make good use of a few golfcarts at their disposal in the following ways-

  • Moving cargo and luggage
  • Assisting old people and people with disabilities.
  • Transporting ground crew across long distances quickly.
  • Getting airline staff to their boarding gates.
  • Help shop staff pick up product deliveries.
  • Restocking airport lounges.

Electric Golfcar at Airport

All of these require transportation and utility vehicles that can help you with the task.


In short 

These golfcarts provide real-world practical solutions in all the above mentioned cases and more. All these uses make golf carts very practical, and a favourable option in transport and utility to the customers. Always buy a golfcart for personal use after thorough deliberation and if you need any assistance you can always reach out to us.




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