Electric Buggies in India

Yamaha Electric Buggies are your best option for transporting people with luxurious comfort. Our stylish Yamaha Cruise models are ergonomically designed to support transportation of people and materials in your vast campuses. You can drive them through slightly elevated terrain or a narrow passage in your premises, where other vehicles cannot get through.

  1. Electric Golf Buggy at Golf Course
  2. Electric Buggies 6 seater at Resort
  3. Electric Buggy 6 seater at Convention Centre
  4. Electric Buggy 4 seater at Large Campus

Yamaha electric buggies are easy-to-drive and hassle-free maintenance makes it highly preferred vehicle for daily conveyance. Now, conveyance inside your premises is safe and secured with safety features and you can easily sanitize after every use. You can also check the following link Covid-19 best practices to use Yamaha Electric Buggies.

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Website: https://www.golfcart.net.in

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