4 seater golf cart with cargo bed

Electric Utility Vehicle in India

Yamaha Electric Utility Vehicle will be your best choice, if you are looking for cargo vehicle for your premises. Our rugged and versatile cargo vehicle is outfitted with beefed-up transaxle and four-wheel drum braking system to offer a safe transportation of your loads. With more horsepower now you can carry up to 800-pound payload around your facility.

  1. Electric utility vehicle 2 seater with cargo bed at golf course
  2. Electric utility vehicle 4 seater with cargo bed at Resort
  3. Electric utility vehicle 4 seater with cargo bed at Hotel
  4. Electric utility vehicle 4 seater with house keeping unit at residential community

Our utility vehicle offers higher fuel-efficiency which is 100% electrically operated. And thus, you can assure on zero emission keeping your campus eco-friendly. Whether you need it for your industry or warehouse or farm house or hospital or resort, we can customize based on your requirement and preferences.

For more details reach us at:

Mobile: Ms. Kanagavalli: +91 93812 52255
Email: info@ipi-india.com
Website: https://www.golfcart.net.in

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