World Water Day

Our Commitment to Responsible Environmental Practices

Our Commitment to Responsible Environmental Practices.
Our holistic philosophy includes economic as well as environmental aspects of turf maintenance. Nature must be preserved at all costs. Our developments ensure that costs are kept at bay in the long-run. Outstanding quality and reliable service always pays off.






“Everyone has a role to play”

Toro Irrigation

The golf industry has its best interests not only in preserving, but in improving the environment. The measures to optimize resources, contribute to the conservation of the environment, and sustainability, also mean savings for water reserves. 

Raising awareness and teaching society that golf is a sport with sustainable management in environmental, social and economic matters is beneficial for golf in general.

The Battle of Man Vs Nature

Take responsibility with us to save water.

TORO & IPI join hands in this years’ s campaign with the motto  “Everyone has a role to play”, to show that in our daily lives there are several gestures with which we can join this movement for change.

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for water, which depletes natural resources and causes environmental damage to increase in many places.


We must urgently invest in water and energy-saving efficiency and energy technologies. The use of new technologies in the irrigation system for a precise water management is very important for the efficient use of water and to improve the playability of the course. The difference between applying these technologies can be a saving of 15 or 20% of the water requirements and every drop is important to us.

Toro Golf Lynx Central Control System

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