Yamaha Golfcar at Resort

Rent your Yamaha Golf Car and Enjoy Reliable, Safe and Comfortable Ride

Why should you rent a Golf Car?

You should be wondering why do you need to spend on renting a Golfcar, when there are plenty of alternatives available in the market. Buying golf car will be an excellent opportunity and investment and you will never regret. However, if you need them for temporary purposes or do not want to spend on owning them, renting is a good option for you. Renting the golf car will be an economical and eco-friendly solution that can add value to your property making it free from air pollution. Also they run very quiet allowing you to enjoy sounds of the nature and environment.

Where can you use them?

  • In Golf Courses, additional Golf cars required to operate for regular or seasonal activities
  • Hotels and Resorts to welcome their guests and regular operational requirements,
  • Commercial and Industrial Society will be in need of a golf car for transporting their staffs and goods within their wide spread campus,
  • Hospitals and Healthcare facilities requiring mini ambulance car, utility car and passenger vehicles,
  • When a Residential Community with vast landscape and garden will require conveyance specially for elderly people,
  • Public places like Airports, Railways Stations and Metro Stations for daily conveyance.

What do IPI-YAMAHA Golf Car Offer on Rental?

We always make sure to understand our customer requirements and preference to choose their best fit options.

  • Duration: We have the largest fleet of brand new electric vehicles available on rent for all your special occasions either on short term (based on number of days) and long term (based on number of months).
  • Models: Based on your requirements you could choose from different configurations ranging from 2 seaters to 10 seaters. We also offer Utility Cars and Cargo Cars which are available to meet your customized needs.
  • Drivers: Additionally, we also offer the rental golf car with the option of driver, depending on the customer preference.

Why use YAMAHA Golf Car on Rental and what is Unique about IPI Offering?

  1. Safety: For Yamaha, Comfort and Safety are like a hand in a glove. The highest priority is given towards the safety of the customer. The best suspension system similar to its Automotive style coil over shock system gives the customer a smooth ride, especially to the elderly people and Top customers.
  2. Comfort: Yamaha car is built with utmost precision to provide the maximum comfort to its operator and customer in terms of:
    • Spacious leg room,
    • Solid seats upholstery built with wider dimensions and quality material
    • The steering height and position suits all size operators,
    • The high head room provides space to taller Individuals.
  1. Easy Maintenance: Only Basic Daily Maintenance required like Regular Charging, Tire pressure and battery maintenance care is followed as trained by our team, Rest assured that the carts will run trouble free to meet all your operational needs.
  2. Best Service: Our service team is at your doorstep to fulfill your service needs. We have branches all over India for Sales and Service assistance.

IPI-YAMAHA Golf Car has built its customer base on reliability and unparalleled service. Our staff will be happy to provide you with a consultation to understand your specific needs.

Reach Us at:

Mobile: Ms. Kanagavalli: +91 93812 52255
Email: golfcar@ipi-india.com
Website: https://www.golfcart.net.in/rentals.html

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