Yamaha Electric Golf Buggies at The Tollygunge Club, Kolkata

The Tollygunge Club was founded in 1895 as a meeting ground for British Merchants and bankers, who sought refuge from the encounters of a sweltering city to carve out a niche for themselves in an otherwise alien environment.

Spread over a hundred acres with a Club House that is over 220 years old, the Tollygunge Club is the first country club of its kind in India with a unique collection of flora and fauna, some of which are rare enough to be found in a botanical garden.

Tollygunge Club is the utmost example of how a tight connection between tradition and innovation can coexist successfully.

The members purchased an additional fleet of the Newest Yamaha golf car to provide the experience of riding a high profile luxury golf cart along with an abundant provision for parking & maintaining it very efficiently trough IPI service engineers on-site who extend their assistance to keep the golf cars ready for the unique ride in the warm, leisulery and friendly atmosphere of Tollygunge Club which is truly an oasis of greenery and quietude in the midst of Kolkata’s bustling southern residential district.



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